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brazilian botanical smoother

Joseph Battisti Salon has the exclusive of being the only salon in Rochester to carry this cutting-edge straightening treatment created by Joseph Battisti. The Botanical Smoother is formaldehyde free and does not contain any harsh chemicals. It boasts organic ingredients such as gallnuts, sumac, witch hazel and oak bark whIch allows our Botanical Smoother to cater to all hair types. This straightening treatment penetrates the hair shaft and repairs damaged follicles which makes it a spectacular treatment for frizzy, dry and flyaway hair. Results vary from straight hair to softer curls and results last up to 6 months. The Botanical Smoother strengthens, protects, de-frizzes and adds shine. The aftercare for this treatment is unlike any other keratin or Brazilian treatment as you can use specialized shampoo, styling products and even salon color the same day the Botanical Smoother treatment is applied.